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There is only Fear & Love.  Fear is an underlying contributor to many decisions that you make every day.  When motivated by fear, the results are ALWAYS in the shadow of fear.  Meaning, even the good times are marred by "What if...?".  By reprogramming the fear response, you can welcome all of the joy & abundance after every seemingly "good or bad" experience.  Because Fear is a general word, you will reap the benefits of releasing every type of fear that your subconscious/brain has labeled (heights, finances, commitment, failure, etc.).  This will also assist you in taking control of your life - you will be able to see the good that could arise from a decision and even "Climb that Mountain" more often!

NOTE: Meditation should never be performed while operating machinery.  Meditative studies and/or Hypnosis should not replace medical attention by a licensed professional.

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